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MoJavi Saddlebag™

MoJavi Saddlebag™

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Take a load off with the ALL NEW waterproof rackless MoJavi Saddlebag motorcycle luggage!

This is a complete re-design of the old Mojavi and what an upgrade it is! now with a completely waterproof rolltop system to keep the mess out. Giant Loop really did a great job of these and they look amazing. Not only that the new system allows you to put a possibles pouch on the sides and the Mole System means you can easily add a Rogue or Tillamook to the top. 

Improve rider endurance and comfort by taking the weight out of a backpack and putting it on your dirt bike, dual sport or supermoto motorcycle (and an astonishing array of other bike types, including adventure touring, scrambler, standard and sport).

The new waterproof rolltop design is specifically designed to carry just the essentials needed for a day trip or trail ride, the MoJavi Saddlebag is the rackless, slim, trim bag for inner tubes, tools, fluids and other save-a-ride necessities. Straps on. Stays on. No matter what. No side luggage racks required.

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