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Pronghorn Straps™

Pronghorn Straps™

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Probably the easiest strap you can get, give it a pull and latch it in place with the heavy duty stretch, once fastened it will not go anywhere, then simply give it a tug and its undone. Simplicity is often the best solution. 3 lengths colour coded and can be cut to length if required.

Sold in a Pair, 2 straps included.

Every motorcyclist, sledhead, snow biker, 4x4er and ATV/UTV/SXSer needs a handful of these multi-purpose, stretch polyurethane straps with virtually unbreakable fasteners. You’ll find a million uses for these quick, solid, tough straps. Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps feature: Stamped aluminium buckles, length indicated on strap, arrows line up for easy fastening, metal buckle sheathed for scratch protection, buckle prong holds strap in place for pre-fitting and easy chaining together of straps. Color coded by length.

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