Coming across an Accident.

Coming across an Accident.

Imagine you are riding your Moto either off road or on road, you go around a corner and come across something that we all hope we never see. Of course our natural reaction is to jump straight in, but just wait think about it just for 10 seconds. Is there petrol leaking, is the should you touch the rider? Here are the simple steps we take when out and about. 

1/ Assess the scene, is there anything that would put us in more danger and make the situation worse? 

2/ Do we have the knowledge to help the pilot, if not just make sure they know you are there, support them but do not move them. 

3/ Can others see it, send some people around the corners to want other people there is something happening, last thing we need is another person doing the same thing. 

4/ Call the emergency services and let the professionals deal with it, even if you have no signal always try anyway as it is a priority channel. 

5/ Do what you can within your ability. 

Other tips when riding with a group, do you know each other’s medical issues, allergies, are you carrying the right medicine to deal with something, do you know how to use it. 

Basic training in first aid when considering any adventure is an absolute must. 

Do you have any top tips or experiences to share? Comments below!

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