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Coyote Saddlebag™

Coyote Saddlebag™

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The original and probably the best horseshoe rackless saddlebag - The Giant Loop Coyote, developed for over 10 years this was the bag that invented the category. Ships with inner dry pods for extra protection and designed to Vent air and water for the ultimate tight and fully waterproof bag with no modifications needed to your bike.

Product includes: 

  • GL Heat Shield
  • Coyote Horseshoe Saddlebag
  • 3 purpose fit dry pods
  • All fittings needed to securely attach to 99% of bikes!

GL: Coyote Saddlebag is the current version of the original flagship horseshoe-shaped dual sport and enduro rackless Giant Loop Saddlebag design that launched our company in 2008. The Coyote Saddlebag features a convenient rolling closure that seals out water and dust. Other rider-friendly details include sewn-on molded rubber badges, Giant Loop branded grab handles that double as side compression straps, a set of 3 RF welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods with air purge valves, and drains in the bottoms of the Saddlebag’s “legs” that allow water to escape if it manages to penetrate the highly water resistant out shell (yea, we understand – we’ve dunked our bikes in streams crossings, too!).

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