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Buckin' Roll Tank Bag™ Compact 1.5L

Buckin' Roll Tank Bag™ Compact 1.5L

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For those who don't like a tank bag but need a little something to keep the essential bits handy. this ultra-compact and highly versatile Tank Bag is a must for day and multi-day trips alike on a small Dual Sport bike. 

See the video to see just how compact and solid this great piece of kit is on a 500EXC.

GL: Our slim, trim minimalist Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag has been completely redesigned for 2020, featuring 1.5 liters of packable volume, RF-welded waterproof construction, electronics pass-through, clear vinyl phone pocket — and designed to stay completely out of the way, with no buckles in knees or crotch, even when riding the most technical off-road terrain.

The Buckin’ Roll is a slim, trim, minimalist tank bag designed to keep essentials close at hand while out of the way when riding the most technical singletrack. This easy-to-mount tank bag features fully welded construction with waterproof coated materials and provides 1.5 liters of packable volume for carrying a smartphone, wallet, snacks, smaller tools, or an extra pair of gloves.

An integrated clear smartphone pocket in the lid with electronics cable pass-through enables on-bike charging and power inside the bag. For those searching for the perfect tank bag for aggressive trail riding where quick, easy access to items is a priority, the Buckin’ Roll is the ideal choice.

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