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The Raffaello - T7 Adventure Bundle

The Raffaello - T7 Adventure Bundle

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Raffaello contacted us about using Giant Loop for an upcoming trip, but this one was a bit different with the aim to do a documentary on the way from Italy to the Black Sea during his summer break from teaching. We chatted at length about the trip and his plans, it was quite an undertaking for a novice off-road rider. We enjoyed some great conversation, breakdowns and I joined him in Slovenia for a few days, we also had some amazing home made olive oil from the garden of his mother. If you have not seen his trips check out his

After 2 months on the road he has some amazing stories to tell. 

Youtube here 

Instagram here

Raffaello used the 

  • MotoTrek Panniers
  • MotorTrek Pannier mounts (mounted to an outback rack)
  • Fandango bag for camera kit
  • 2x Possibles pouches


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